Though we do not perform as much sandblasting as in years past, we still offer sandblasting services as part of our surface preparation in both our waterproofing and exterior painting divisions. Sandblasting is essentially surface preparation.
As a rule, we generally do not recommend that our customers sandblast brick buildings. We generally sandblast buildings that are concrete, block, or metal. Often wet sandblasting is preferred over dry sandblasting. When stripping exterior brick we suggest chemical paint removal followed by power washing.
Though we may still be considered a sandblasting contractor or sandblasting company, we utilize many new technologies for the proper preparation of any surface.
If you feel you might have a project that may require interior sandblasting or exterior sandblasting, please contact us. We would be happy to assess your project to determine the most efficient means to accomplish your surface preparation needs.

Please note: All photos on this site are of RESTCO CORPORATION projects performed over the past twenty seven years.

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